A  contemporary wood necklace accented with stunning pyrite gem crystals.  Inspired by wordplay, inspirational quotes, meaningful quotes, funny phrases, memorable words. These are transformes into an abstract illustrative pendant that can be carried with you where-ever you go.  

The pyrite rectangular area is NFC enabled, when you tap your device against the beautiful cluster of gems your quote appears on the screen.

Design is a concept, creativity is a lifestyle. Enssembly



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Enssembly creates contemporary, intricate,  handmade necklaces derived from a variation of inspirational quotes and personalised quotes using natural materials.

Enssembly aims to be as eco conscious as possible, although it is not always an easy journey we are very conscious of our sources. We use grade AAA quality pyrite gems and 100% recycled wood from a local workshop. 

All pendants are polished using organic linseed oil for a more subtle, natural finish.

We continue to implement authenticity, and environmental care in any way we can throughout our Enssembly journey, so that our customers receive the best quality jewellery made by hand.

'No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it'.

Albert Einstein